Hammered in Iron – LIVE

Silencer - Hammered in Iron
Silencer – Hammered in Iron
  1. Redshift
  2. Industrial Command
  3. I Am Thunder!
  4. The Great Bear
  5. Star City
  6. Descending the Ziggurat
  7. The Death of Awe
  8. Betrayal and Massacre - An Overture to Germania
  9. Shiftkill
  10. Megalith
  11. The Bruising Feast
  12. Intro - Twilight
  13. Antitwilight
  14. Earth Rule Murder
  15. The Harvest
  16. Megalith
  17. Signal to Noise
  18. Fracture
  19. Godcell Genesis
  20. Apollocide
  21. Black Hole Engine (Markarian 573)
  22. The Death of Awe
  23. Structures

Release Details

Date : Nov 25, 2014
Country : USA
Format : Double LP

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Limited to 100 copies worldwide, 2LP set on transparent red vinyl.

Sides A & B – Recorded live Jan 11, 2014 at Herman’s Hideaway, Denver CO. Recording engineer: Tyler Duffus (Denver Grown Music & Recording). All tracks produced by Dan Lynn & Silencer.

Keith Spargo – Guitars/vocals
Dan Lynn – Guitars/backing vocals
Patrick Russell – Bass/backing vocals
Brian Kotal – Drums

(Chad Armstrong – Vocals on “Betrayal and Massacre”)

Side A
Redshift (Lynn/Spargo/Alexis)
Industrial Command (Spargo/Bolten)
I Am Thunder! (Lynn/Spargo/Russell)
Great Bear (Lynn/Spargo/Russell)
Star City Pt. 1 (Lynn/Spargo/Russell)
Descending the Ziggurat (Spargo/Alexis)

Side B
The Death of Awe (Lynn/Spargo/Russell)
Betrayal and Massacre: An Overture to Germania (Lynn/Spargo)
Megalith (Wilkison/Spargo/Alexis)
The Bruising Feast (Spargo/Seelinger/Alexis)

Sides C & D – Recorded live Nov 2005 at the Gothic Theater, Englewood CO. Recording engineer: Damian Stone. All tracks produced by Dan Lynn & Silencer.


Chad Armstrong – Vocals
Keith Spargo – Guitar/backing vocals
Dan Lynn – Guitar/backing vocals
Brandon West – Bass
Brian Kotal – Drums

Side C
Intro – Twilight (Lynn/Spargo)
Antitwilight (Lynn/Spargo)
Earth Rule Murder (Lynn/Spargo/Russell)
The Harvest (Lynn/Spargo/Russell)
Megalith (Wilkison/Spargo/Alexis)
Signal to Noise (Spargo/Alexis/Russell/Lynn)

Side D
Fracture (Lynn/Spargo/Russell)
Godcell Genesis (Lynn/Spargo)
Apollocide (Lynn/Spargo)
Black Hole Engine (Spargo)
The Death of Awe (Lynn/Spargo/Russell)
Structures (Spargo)

Digital Bonus Tracks – “Apollocide” and “Godcell Genesis” recorded 2003 at Valkyrie Studios, Littleton CO. “Descending the Ziggurat” recorded 2005 at Valkyrie Studios, Littleton CO and Flatline Audio, Denver CO. All tracks produced by Dan Lynn and Silencer.

Apollocide (Keith Spargo – Guitar/vocals; Dan Lynn – Guitar; Jeff Alexis – Bass; Nick Seelinger – Drums)
Godcell Genesis (Keith Spargo – Guitar/vocals; Dan Lynn – Guitar; Jeff Alexis – Bass; Ryan Ramirez – Drums)
Descending the Ziggurat (Keith Spargo – Guitar; Dan Lynn – Guitar; Jeff Alexis – Bass; Brian Kotal – Drums)
All photography and cover image by Patrick Coppinger
Layout by Nick Jackson

(C) 2014, 2005 Silencer, All Rights Reserved


The Great Bear Silencer
The Great Bear
Divisions Silencer
Death of Awe Silencer
Death of Awe