Found on the Sun

Found on the Sun
Silencer – Found on the Sun
  1. Apollocide
  2. Black Hole Engine (Markarian 573)
  3. The Bruising Feast
  4. Structures
  5. This Mythic Image
  6. Megalith
  7. Easter Island (live)
  8. The Error Of Your Ways (Live)
  9. Descending The Ziggurat (Live)
  10. Kozmos
  11. Missing Hope
  12. Industrial Command

Release Details

Label : Adrenaline/Steelheart Records
Date : Oct 22, 2003
Country : Europe
Format : CD

European only release

Original tracks recorded 2000-2003

Final mastering by Paolo Siconolfi at Virtual Light Studios, Vedano al Lambro (MI), Italy

Artwork by Corey Poole


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