Silencer – Divisions
  1. Anticreation
  2. Main Sequence
  3. Panoptic
  4. Majority Ruin
  5. D.E.A.T.H.R.A.Y.
  6. Effigy in Suspension
  7. Distant Venus
  8. Betrayal and Massacre - An Overture to Germania
  9. Suppressor
  10. The Mind Races
  11. RBMK
  12. Shiftkill

Release Details

Label : F-Bomb Records
Date : Mar 17, 2009
Country : Worldwide
Format : CD, MP3

Released 2009


  • Keith Spargo: Guitars
  • Dan Lynn: Guitars
  • Brian Kotal: Drums
  • Chad Armstrong: Vocals

Produced by Dan Lynn and SILENCER

Drums, guitars & bass recorded at Firestorm Studios, engineered by Dan Lynn and Jeff Alexis

Vocals and additional guitars & recorded at Romblon Helipad Studios, engineered by Dan Lynn

Artwork and layout by Nick Jackson

Photography by Kim Cook


Silencer - Hammered in Iron Silencer
Hammered in Iron
The Great Bear Silencer
The Great Bear
Death of Awe Silencer
Death of Awe