Category : The Great Bear

New Track Available on Pure Grain Audio

Greetings! One week to go until the Great Bear hits the shelves. To help tide you over, our friends over at Pure Grain Audio bring you the exclusive world wide debut of a new track from The Great Bear. Check out the new song I Am Thunder! a week before…

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Show photos & release news

Huge thanks to all who came out last Thursday to the Gothic Theater in Denver for a very warm welcome back and general place destroyin’. Click here to see some excellent photos taken that night. Those who came, hopefully you picked up your advance copy of The Great Bear and…

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Album release & shows

Folks! Follow this link to read the full press release on our brand new album out Sep 25! link We have a couple more warmup shows, Amarillo TX and Greeley CO are next. Just a couple more details to nail down, but Denver area thrashers mark Aug 30th down why…

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