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Wir lieben Deutschland!

Dirk from Else’s Mailorder put together a quick vid for the vinyl release of the Great Bear in Germany. To place your vinyl order in Germany, visit him here. Also, bonus points for placing your order wearing a beat up cowboy hat and aviator sunglasses, Dirk-style!

Release day and streaming!

Today is the US release date for The Great Bear (EU, you get it October 8). We’ll have links to digital versions shortly for you, and if you’re into the physical stuff, check your local store. And of course, you can get it from us here. Also, is streaming…

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5 questions with us

The folks over at asked us 5 questions and we gave them 5 answers. Covered the history, Denver metal, and the new records (out Tuesday!). A sample: Describe the concept of the album. The Great Bear is a story that begins during the Cold War era space race. As we…

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