Band Bio

Silencer LiveFormed in 1998, Silencer began their career on the strength of two self-released EPs Kozmos (2000) and Structures (2002). Built on a foundation of thrash, Silencer added increasing amounts of melody, intensity and high concept. Almost immediately these became highly sought after in the metal underground, as the band shipped copies box after box both domestically and overseas to indepedent distributors, boosted by a slew of strong worldwide ‘zine reviews. Many more copies were moved as a result of their heavy gigging schedule which saw them criss-cross the western US several times, appearing at a number of signature metal festivals, and anywhere else that would let them plug in.  Silencer’s first official release came in the form of Found on the Sun (2003), released by Italy’s Steelheart Records and earning the band its first real European distribution. After more domestic touring, the band moved to a five piece and began work on their first full length album entitled Death of Awe (2005), released on Mausoleum Records. The band further pushed their thrash roots to breakneck speeds on this release, signifying the largest step yet in their progression. Another western US run later, the band regrouped to write the followup. Equally dense and furious as the prior release, the band focused on a more epic delivery of their now very cutting edge thrash sound. In early 2009 Divisions was released on F-Bomb Records. Metal Hammer’s revered Malcome Dome wrote about Divisions, “Silencer have learnt the cunning art of writing songs with a purpose. There’s still life in thrash”. Now after another musical evolution and a lineup change that reverts the band back to a familiar four piece, Silencer rewinds the influence clock a few decades back and tackles their first concept record. Musically more direct than previous album, The Great Bear releases in September 2012 in the US, October in Europe.

Member Bios
Keith Spargo
Dan Lynn
Patrick Russell