5 questions with us

The folks over at asked us 5 questions and we gave them 5 answers. Covered the history, Denver metal, and the new records (out Tuesday!).

A sample:

Describe the concept of the album.
The Great Bear is a story that begins during the Cold War era space race. As we know the United States landed on the moon in 1969, for which Russia who had previously beaten us to everything, had no answer. Their space program basically collapsed. Well, we tell a story saying what if the Russians had actually one-upped us at that point instead. Musically this one is very hard to pin down. Being a concept record there have to be tons of different feels to represent each part of the storyline. Some is kinda doomy, some is fast, some is very heavy and there are also very atmospheric bits. Overall, it’s just pretty much heavy freaking metal.

Read the whole thing here


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